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RenoCarsonPsychologist.com is the website of Dr. Andy Drymalski. His hope is to provide you with the information you seek about Jungian psychology, it's benefits and how he can be of service to you on your journey of healing and growth.

Dr. Andy Drymalski is a Nevada licensed psychologist and Jungian psychologist in private practice with offices in Reno and Carson City. He has provided psychotherapy to northern Nevada and eastern California residents since 1997. Dr. Drymalski's areas of specialization include psychotherapy for depression, life transitions, personal growth, and dream analysis.

Why Jungian Psychotherapy

"The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed."
Carl Jung

Jungian psychotherapy is a holistic approach to the psyche based upon the work of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. It is a form of "talk therapy" which honors the uniqueness and individuality of each client by facilitating the psyche's own healing powers and wisdom. Jungian psychotherapy does not only consider what is problematic in a client's life, but also utilizes the client's strengths and undeveloped potential for growth and healing. Probably more than any other psychotherapeutic approach, Jungian psychology honors the depth and complexity of the human personality and is able to look at people's struggles not only from the perspective of outer life factors (society, family, work, health, finances, etc.) but from the perspective of the developing psyche and the needs of the unfolding personality.

Who can benefit from Jungian Psychotherpy

The applications of Jungian psychotherapy for the treatment of psychological disorders are many, and its effectiveness well-documented. It is a form of psychotherapy that has been practiced for over 70 years, formally termed "Analytical Psychology" by Dr. Jung. Utilizing the psyche's own healing energies and wisdom, Jungian psychotherapy is especially suited for both depressed and normal functioning, non-depressed individuals who want to experience a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, vitality, and creativity in their lives.

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